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Get Your Lingua Luna Drop Cards

lingua luna drop cards

What’s better than catching us tonight at Bryant Lake Bowl with Bad September (doors at 6pm)? Grabbing our new FREE Dropcard while you’re there!

These look great! And a great band of beautiful singers (and souls). So happy Tweet Small Change could be a part of making this happen.

Healing Kidney Series “To Your Health” by Krista Walsh

krista Kidney


Healing Kidney Series¬†“To Your Health” is a project that is gifting prints of these 6 images from my Kidney Project to participants in the University of Minnesota Kidney Research project 2014.¬†Made possible by a micro grant from Tweet Small Change

Really wonderful to see the beautiful art we are helping artist create! If you have ever wondered why we would decide to just give money away based on a tweet, just take a look above.


Krista Walsh Receives Her Micro-Grant




Krista Walsh gratefully receives her Tweet Small Change micro-grant from Patrick Rhone. The opportunity to support artists like Krista is exactly the reason we founded Tweet Small Change. Her work has transformative impact on those who have the opportunity to experience it.

First Round Checks Being Delivered


We would once again like to congratulate all of those artists that we have chosen to fund this round. The checks are in the mail (really!). That said, in some cases we wanted to deliver the checks personally and see first hand the wonderful people and work we were funding.

Above, is Bethany with Ann of Gumball Collective, a wonderful shop in Northeast Minneapolis that specializes in upcycled and sustainable creations from a host of artists. Ann is also one of our first round micro-grant recipients. Much of the work there is simply stunning and a real example of the creativity we hope to continue to inspire. If you are in the area, you should stop by and check them out (and buy stuff).